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Fruit Chia Guild 
06:23pm 11/06/2002
  hi! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while but we changed guilds.  
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07:53pm 06/06/2002
mood: fluffy
Yep. I joined. It looked cute enough. Yee! The guild shop is really annoying, though. Way too bulky, and no one needs font that big.
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The Gift that Keeps on Giving - Zapping a Neopet for Adoption 
11:37pm 01/06/2002
mood: grumpy
The lab ray is a great tool for making some of the most desired neopets. I had initially purchased the lab ray to raise the stats of my first neopet, PinkMochi. After being on neopets for a month, I was lucky enough to find a faerie paintbrush, which I traded for a complete lab map and a nice amount of neopoints. I had heard lots of great things about the lab map from others through neomail and the neochat boards and I was really excited about owning a complete map.

After gaining access to the lab ray, I used it on my favorite neopet, PinkMochi, the red kacheek. Unfortunately, PinkMochi turned into a red eyrie and I was very disappointed at the outcome. I was unsure about the negative effects of the lab ray since no one had mentioned them to me before. After PinkMochi change species, I stopped using the lab ray for a few days. I was furious that I lost my red kacheek but I decided to give the lab ray another chance. It won’t always disappoint me right?

I proceeded to create another neopet as an experimental testing subject for the lab ray. I selected a yellow chia since I thought chias looked really cute and I named it MochiNugget. After zapping MochiNugget for a week, I discovered that my neofriends were right. The lab ray did have some advantages like increase strength points, hit points, defense points, etc. I was beginning to like the lab ray a little more. On the sixth day of zapping MochiNugget with the lab ray, it turned to a pineapple. I was shocked! I had seen pineapple chias only in the area where we can select shopkeepers for our stores but who’d ever guess that I’d own one? Looking at my new chia in disbelief, I decided to zap it a few more times to see what other surprises the lab ray kept hidden.

The next day, MochiNugget turned into a pear. I was so happy! I had never seen a pear chia before. It was so adorable that I was afraid to zap it again with the lab ray. I told a neofriend the good news and I decided to make another experimental chia for the lab ray. I was almost certain I had discovered a wonderful aspect of the lab ray and I wanted to test my theory. Chias seemed more unlikely to change species and I had only begun to become aware that chias were the only lucky neopets that could be changed into delightful fruit and vegetable shapes.

I named my second test subject, Zippy_Mochi. With my fingers crossed, I zapped it with the lab ray relentlessly. After a week, it changed into a peach! I was overjoyed and my neofriend and I neomailed each other. We talked to each other through neomails and I sent her the name of my peach chia. She adopted him from the adoption agency without any problems. I already had three neopets at that time and I wanted to experiment more with the lab ray. Giving Zippy_Mochi away to a good friend was the most reasonable thing to do. I wanted to share these beautiful and rare neopets with people who could not afford to buy special chia pops or a complete map of the lab ray.

Everyone always says that the third time is a charm! One of my guild members helped me name my third chia Jarrenti. Jarrenti was a stubborn little chia. After a week, it changed colors too but it changed from yellow to green. I was disappointed but not discouraged. At least it didn’t change species like PinkMochi did. I zapped Jarrenti for three weeks and it changed its sex four times, gained more hit points, defense points and strength points but there was no color change.

I could be just as stubborn as my little green chia though. I zapped it for another week and finally, it changed into a spotted colored chia. Finally I saw results for the lab ray but still, I wasn’t satisfied. I continued to zap Jarrenti for another three days and it finally changed into a chokato. I was so happy. I hadn’t been wrong about chias and the lab ray after all. Chias were more unlikely to change species and they had a good chance of changing into fruit colors.

Overjoyed with my success, I tried to find and good neopet owner to adopt Jarrenti. I neomailed several people who wanted a fruit chia but they were too busy with their own pets already or they already had the maximum of four neopets. My little sister just started playing neopets around the time Jarrenti changed into a chokato and she wanted to adopt him after seeing his cute pictures. I told her that I would place him in the pound for her to adopt.

My sister went to search for Jarrenti immediately after I placed him in the pound but someone had already adopted him. She was so disappointed. I tried to reason with the person that adopted him but they were unwilling to listen. She said that every pet in the pound was “fair game” and according to neopet rules, she is right. Although she was right, it still doesn’t make it fair.

I’m sure there are others out there that has been in the same situation. It is devastating to lose a pet that you have lovingly raised and taken care of. My intentions may have been good but there are just some people that don’t really care what your intentions may be. It is understandable that everyone wants a special neopet especially if it is rare. It is not safe to transfer pets through the Neopian Pound so think twice before you do it.

If there are enough of us to petition about this issue to neopets, maybe they’ll make an alternative method of transferring neopets to your neofriends. It is very special and endearing to receive a real pet from a friend. Why shouldn’t we be able to spread that happiness to our friends online by giving them our dearest neopets? My advice to everyone is that you should not transfer your pets through the pound unless you are willing to take a risk that the transfer may not be successful. Hopefully, we will be able to transfer our pets safely without any risks. In the meantime, play nicely on neopets and take good care of your neopets!
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08:37am 30/05/2002
mood: aggravated
Hi everyone ^_^ I just joined this commu. and I wanna tell you my sad neopets story. It's 100% true. -_- It happend to me today.

I was getting on neopets just to feed my pets and such and after I did all that I decided to check out my shop. well, when I went to my shop neopets said I didn't have a shop. And I'm like what the fuck?! I do to have a shoppe!!!! and now I'm shoppeless for no reason O.O' And I had THINGS in my shoppe. I needed the money terribly. I olny have 176 -_-.... If I made a shoppe I would barley have any money left and well...the stupid money tree won't do much for me cuz my puter is to slow. So now what am I gunnah do. I need a mirable.... -_-

Well that's how bad of a day I'm having, fun, isn't it.....
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Guild Giveaway 
02:07am 30/05/2002
  No one posted what they wanted for the guild giveaway so I gave you guys some items just for fun. You don't have to give me anything in return.

Every month I give away items on the 29th since our guild opened on that day. Please post in the Mochi Journal or in the message board.

I have finals soon so some of you will have to be in charge of the guild. Have a nice day everyone!
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10:31am 25/05/2002
  Hey score!!!

The Alien Replicator will let you keep winning np and items!
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winners of this week's guild contest... 
01:39am 24/05/2002
  Our winners has been picked for this week. Please choose a prize and an alternative prize (just in case) and neomail me when you have made your choice. First come, first serve. Congratulations everyone!

f4_rulz7989 (most generous guild member this week)
butcherdeliz (best recruiter)
pandiekandee (best recruiter)
jetli_46975200 (most active member)

Good luck on next week's contest everyone...
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Lab map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
05:29pm 17/05/2002
mood: crazy
Wow, I can't believe I've won a lab map. When I made that wish, I thought it never is going to win, because It was too expensive. but I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I'm crazy! hahahaha...................!
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Another new recruit.. 
01:43pm 17/05/2002
  Hallo, I've also just joined your Neopets community ^^  
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hello everyone! 
11:47am 17/05/2002
mood: joyful
I'm Katu! I decided, after comparing your guild to the lj one (of which i was a member), that yours was cuter and entirely more fun. That, added to the fact that I was all ready a member of this community, made up my mind. And ta-da! Here I am! Coincedentally, I'm pandiekandee on neopets, so feel free to say hello and befriend me n stuff! :D
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