Bee Bee (pinkmochi) wrote in strawberrymochi,
Bee Bee

winners of this week's guild contest...

Our winners has been picked for this week. Please choose a prize and an alternative prize (just in case) and neomail me when you have made your choice. First come, first serve. Congratulations everyone!

f4_rulz7989 (most generous guild member this week)
butcherdeliz (best recruiter)
pandiekandee (best recruiter)
jetli_46975200 (most active member)

Good luck on next week's contest everyone...
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choose them from where? O_o
please choose something marked 123,456 in my shop as a prize
hee, i figured it out soon afterwards. sorry to trouble you. ^^
eep, it didn't post my first comment!

Well, what I said was: "OOH joy!! *bounces*"
and other such happy things. ^^